Who is the best friend of the Horoscope?

Who is the best friend of the Horoscope?

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The best friend of the horoscope are several. Thank God there are many signs that are very good friends and know how to pamper their friends. Let's see who is a better friend than someone else.

Those who carry the fame of good friends forever are: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Pisces. But, as we have already learned by now, everything will depend on many factors of your personalized birth chart.

Is Aries a good friend?

Aries is a good friend, but he is very selective and has very few. In addition, he is very correct with people, but he does not want to expand his circle of friends. His friends are important to him, but he is not the type to confidently or gossip. His privacy is for him only. Now, he likes to share meetings of all kinds with his friends every week. For him the best trip or getaway is with friends or to visit friends.

Is Taurus a good friend?

Taurus is all friendship. His friends are very important and he has many. The whole day is full of confidences. He is super helpful and dedicated to solving everyone's life. He is always willing to take or pick someone up, to listen, to help, to sacrifice himself for his friends to the fullest. It is a good organizer of events, trips, parties. It can be trusted.

Is Gemini a good friend?

Gemini has many friends and is a very good friend. He is always helping everyone. He is so helpful that others come first than himself. He knows how to convey good humor and good vibes to everyone. He lends himself to cooking, healing, listening, he is very discreet and his advice is worth its weight in gold. Now, when a friend fails him, without shouting or arguing or saying anything, he closes the door on that person and turns the page with the utmost coolness and discretion.

Is Cancer a good friend?

Cancer is a faithful friend of those who last a lifetime. Intimos does not have too many, but the ones it does have it cultivates. He calls them, writes them, keeps up to date with them. You will never stop caring about them and telling them how much you love them. You know you can count on them. Of the normal friends, he has many, because he is a natural PR. He is very friendly and dynamic.

Is Leo a good friend?

Leo is a natural PR. He has friends everywhere. He is a very good friend and a lifelong friend, unless you fail him. If you fail him, he slammed you away without you knowing. He has close friends, friends, and acquaintances and he gives each one his just dose, so as not to lose contact. He has friends from all conditions and countries, because wherever he goes he makes friends and keeps them. He listens, gives good advice, is helpful, cares, and they know they can count on Leo.

Is Virgo a good friend?

Virgo is a good friend, but he prefers his lifelong friends, than making friends without rhyme or reason. He is very jealous of his privacy and does not usually make confidences. He always correct and impenetrable under his formal smile. Once he gets married, he forgets about friends to focus on family. When he meets his few friends, it will always be in petit-committee. Usually little is involved in the lives of others, lest you have to tell yours ...

Is Libra a good friend?

Libra has many friends and their friendliness and their parties are always full of them. They have a great facility for relating, for being intimate and for making confidences. Sometimes they let you down because you trust someone you shouldn't. They are not usually very attentive to the needs of their friends, because they are usually focused on themselves. They are self-centered, but if you ask them for help, of course they will be there.

Is Scorpio a good friend?

Scorpios are very selective and have very few close friends. Surely the ones he has from school. With them he does give himself a lot, because they know him and accept each other. You will cultivate those friendships for a lifetime. But beware! If someone happens to betray him, he must suffer the consequences of having defied the king of avengers. His revenge will fall on him, it will crush him and he will never speak to him again.

Is Sagittarius a good friend?

Sagittarius has millions of friends. It is a natural PR. Making friends is very easy for him, he is open, affectionate, he knows how to listen, he is a good confidant. But do not spoil them too much, just enough. The difference with other horoscopes is that just as he does them he takes them out of the way. When he goes elsewhere, he will keep the best, but he will neglect the rest. He is not too faithful to them.

Is Capricorn a good friend?

Capricorn is a good friend, but quite closed. He has a few friends and sometimes he neglects them, because he lives too focused on his life. Regardless, he is a friend who knows how to listen, he is faithful, discreet as a grave, he will never tell a confidence and he will be there when needed. For him seeing friends from time to time is enough. Not because he does not love them, but because it is his way of being. This is enough.

Is Aquarius a good friend?

Aquarius is good friends with his friends. When you are young, a friend is more important than your parents. He usually keeps his friends for life. They pamper them, help them, are aware of them and greatly value friendship. You can always count on them, at any time. They know how to convey affection while always maintaining contact.

Is Pisces a good friend?

Pisces has many friends and is very caring and loving towards them. Pisces is so open and easy to make friends, that he has them everywhere. He tries to keep in touch with them and pamper them, but sometimes he is scattered, it is difficult for him to be always present. His friends change throughout his busy life. But not because of neglect if not because of how changeable his life is.

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