How to conceive a girl

How to conceive a girl

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Trying to conceive a girl? Take a look at these popular theories and beliefs on how influence chances to have a child or a girl.

Tip 1: Chinese calendar

Supposedly its origin dates back to China 700 years ago, and is based on being able to determine the sex of the baby by the mother's age and the month in which the baby is conceived.

Tip 2: One specific diet

A couple of weeks before after conception, it may increase your chances of having a girl.

The key to conceiving a girl is eating highly acidic foods such as grapefruits, oranges or lemons, since an acidic environment seems to eliminate the sperm that will give rise to boys, while they favor the sperm that will give rise to a girl have more opportunities to fertilize the egg.

The basis of this theory is that changing the diet modifies the pH balance in the body, which some believe helps determine the sex of the baby.

Tip 3: Certain Sex Positions

According to the defenders of this theory, little penetration during intercourse favors conception of a girl.

This theory is based on the fact that The woman's vagina is more acidic the closer to the entrance, so this would favor that the sperm that can give rise to the conception of a girl have more opportunities to reach the egg and fertilize it.

Tip 4: Time of Conception

You are more likely to conceive a girl if you have sex every day between 2 and 4 days before ovulation, sexual intercourse is avoided 1 or 2 days before ovulation and a few days after ovulation.

This theory is based on the sperm X, that is, those that when fertilizing an ovum will give rise to a girl, are slower but more resistant. That is, they are capable of surviving longer in the female reproductive tract than Y sperm, which give rise to a child.

Tip 5: Temperature

This theory postulates that “girl-producing” sperm are better tolerant of high temperatures. They recommend that the man, before intercourse, take a hot bath.

Tip 6: Don't have an orgasm

When a woman has a orgasm a substance is released that alkalizes the medium, so it favors the conception of a child. If you want to conceive a girl, a woman should not reach orgasm during intercourse.

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