How to give the first kiss

How to give the first kiss

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Simple tips and recommendations for giving the first kiss, a first kiss is something special that you will always remember and it should go well.

Tips for your first kiss:

1. Something spontaneous and simple. Perhaps your first kiss should be something spontaneous and simple, that comes from your heart and do it with a partner that you really like and at the right time.

2. Don't be in a rush. Life is very long, do not be in a hurry to kiss. It is better to do it with the person you like and at the right time than to waste energy that devalues ​​it. Some young people who were in a hurry to kiss, had to let many years pass to discover a real kiss ...

3. Do it with someone you really like. Don't do experiments: you don't need them. Do it with someone you like ... kissing is something special and personal.

4. Do it at the right time. Don't be obsessed with your first kiss. It is better that you use your energies in creating moments, feelings, romantic conversations, complicity ... Do not act as if the first kiss is the goal or the end ... it is better that it is a consequence ...

5. Kiss is one of two. Focus your attention on the person you want to give the first kiss. Interpret their wishes and their way of being. Maybe you have kissed a lot and your partner hasn't. If this is the case, instead of being arrogant and trying to show everything you know to your partner, it is much better that you be tender, understanding, patient, delicate ... If it is your first kiss for both of you, don't worry about doing it right. .. if you put your lips together, even briefly, the spark will jump if you are "compatible" and you do it at the right time.

6. Preparations. If you are in a first date and there will be a first kiss, perhaps you will be more relaxed / or if you have fresh breath, you have moistened or softened your lips, etc ... But do not let these preparations make you nervous and obsess you, if you do not find the right time to kiss, nothing happens; if things have gone well, there will be more opportunities.

7. Don't insist on giving a long or complex kiss. The first kisses, if they are brief, taste better, although it will always be what the moment and the couple ask for. But a simple and brief first kiss at the right moment will be perfect and unforgettable.

8. Talk, talk, talk, look, touch, kiss ... Speak up, earn the trust of your partner, make them laugh... speak with his gaze, look at her with complicity, touch her, take her hand, kiss her ...

9. First spontaneous kiss, simple ... We insist, let yourself be carried away by spontaneity, your feelings and your heart. Remember, to begin with, the good, if brief, twice good.

10. Improve your kisses. You have all the time in the world to improve. Learning to kiss is a matter of practice and technique.

We advise you to be tumismo, spontaneous, sincere and that you like the person you are kissing.

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