Meaning of name Aitor

Meaning of name Aitor

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History and the Saint

Name that comes from a literary work ‘The Legend of Aitor’, from 1845. The author Augustin Chaho (Suletino writer 1811 to 1858).

The author creates a character where his name is obtained from ‘aitornen’ and by substituting the letter ‘n’ for the letter ‘r’, thus obtaining a new name Aitoren which meant ‘Children of Aitor’. The legend of Aitor becomes popular when Chaho publishes the work in the Ariel de Bayona, newspaper

We have not found any Saint by the name of Aitor.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Aitor:

Aitor gonzalez, was born in Zumárraga, Guipuzcua in 1975. Well-known cyclist who won the Vuelta a España edition in 2002.

Aitor Gorosabel Garai, was born in Eibar, Guipuzcua in 1970, a member of the musical group Heavy Metal SuTa Gar, is a singer and guitarist.

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