Easter bunny drawing to print

Easter bunny drawing to print

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Easter Bunny Coloring

Drawing, painting and coloring is a great activity for children because it helps them stimulate their imagination and also when they are learning to write it helps them work on fine motor skills because they make an effort to fill in the lines without leaving.

Painting is fun and now that the Easter holidays are coming, you have to look for activities to keep them entertained.

In the blog we have many Easter drawings, bunnies, Easter eggs, bunnies with Easter eggs, chicks ... (see the links below)

This is one of the last Easter drawings that we have prepared and that you can download for free to color with your children.

In the file there are two bunny models, choose the one you like the most to print

You can download the file by clicking on the image or on the following link:

  • Download drawing of the Easter bunny to print

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