Hiba Abouk's horoscope: sophisticated and fascinating

Hiba Abouk's horoscope: sophisticated and fascinating

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Hiba abouk is a Spanish actress, who has risen to fame for her starring role in the recently released TV series on Tele 5, ANDl The prince,
Series: Cheers in 2011,With the ass in the air in 2012-2013,The heart of the Ocean in 2014, Prince in 2014 and it's rolling Matthew.

Date of birth ofHiba abouk: 10/30/1986, in Madrid, Spain

Zodiac sign of Hiba aboukScorpio

The horoscope ofHiba abouk: is Scorpio. Hiba Abouk is of Arab origin, although she was born in Madrid, her father is Libyan and her mother Tunisian. I study in the French Lyceum from Madrid, to later study Arabic Philology and Dramatic Art for him RESAD. He speaks 5 languages. She likes: good food, flamenco, cinema, dance, she does classical ballet, practices Yoga, she likes the adventure of traveling, discovering worlds, new cultures, going out for a drink with friends. For her the secret to being happy in this life is to live without fear and make the most of it.

As a good Scorpio, she is temperamental, passionate and visceral. She is subtle, sophisticated, classy, ​​elegant and calm, but in reality she hides a very strong temperament and very clear ideas. It radiates splendor, it is fascinating. With her great beauty, her brown and immaculate skin and those huge green eyes, she captivates everyone. She has charisma and is ambitious. Plan your goals and go after them. She is tough, she can handle everything and is capable of sacrificing herself in order to get what she wants.

She is very determined, versatile, demagogue, a good talker, critical, scathing, demanding, sexy and sensual, elegant and subtle. Scorpios tend to have a close group of friends. They consider a waste of time, being with uninteresting people.

Scorpios are people with serious, long and deep relationships. They have a reputation for being very passionate and being very good lovers. Sexuality and sensuality are an intrinsic part of his person. Hiba abouk only one relationship with the actor is known Hugo Silva, Alex González?

Compatibility ofHiba abouk with other signs:Hiba abouk as Scorpio it is compatible with: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces. Scorpio with Scorpio depends, is rather regular and can be bad. On the other handHiba abouk it would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Other details of interest aboutHiba abouk and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card ofHiba abouk would be WHEEL OF FORTUNE it's luck, rapid changes brought by fate (See:Wheel of Fortune Card)
  • The number ofHiba abouk is he1, it is creativity, independence, leadership, self-sufficiency, originality ... (See:Meaning of number 1, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope ofHiba abouk it isTIGER is adventurous, aggressive, brave, challenging, rebellious, impetuous, ... (See:Meaning of the Tiger of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofHiba abouk is hedark red, brown and black.
  • The Element ofHiba abouk: it isWater.
  • The planet ofHiba abouk it isPluto.
  • The stone ofHiba abouk it isTopaz, Malachite and Jasper..
  • The Twitter ofHiba abouk it is: @HibaAbouk

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