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Feng Shui can also be applied in the workplace. Good Feng Shui favors concentration, creativity, fame and money. The orientation and the position of the desk are mainly important.

The offices located on the ground floor require greater effort to achieve the projects and objectives. On the other hand, offices on higher floors stimulate the flow of money, activity and dynamism.

Characteristics of Feng Shui in the office:

The home office is not beneficial, external energies enter that can interfere with home harmony. Each thing must have its own energy. Work at home can be done without having a dedicated space. You have to find a place in the house that stimulates your creativity.

You can develop it in the dining room, on the large table. When ordering, it is convenient that it be on a table that can be moved according to our needs, so when it is time for lunch, the table will be clear.

Another option is the bedroom, but you should not install a desk, use an alternative table that serves as a support for writing or organizing.

The kitchen can also be another alternative, it should be located away from the stove and close to natural light.

The desk:

In the workplace, the desk is the fundamental piece, it must occupy the dominant place within the environment. It is preferable that you look at the door and be able to see who is coming and going.

The manager or boss should be in the office furthest from the door, thus avoiding distraction and staying focused to make important decisions. This situation also gives him control of everything that happens and he acquires a position of authority.

Your desk should be away from the entrance door, the most suitable place is diagonally to the door of your office because it encourages success and good luck. In important meetings, you should sit facing the door with a wall behind you, so you can dominate situations.

The lighting must be balanced, neither too powerful nor too dim, reflections must be avoided. Natural light coming from the side is the most appropriate.

The shelves or bookcases are necessary to store the office supplies, you have to keep in mind the edges and edges that form right angles and cause the Chi to flow too quickly. It can be solved by placing doors on the shelves.

The desks should be free of cluttered papers and all those things that can distract us. Cleanliness as order keeps the mind active and focused.

An office in harmony and balance benefits professional life and helps in the achievements of the company.

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