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Paquerar, conquer, seduzir ... an art ... Share your tricks and techniques as a melhorsense of humor. Escreva para people
Comopaquerar e não morrer na praia. Some old councilors give popular knowledge about the first steps for you who are not yet initiated.

1. Seja você mesmo. Pretending something that never produced good results, I give in or later turns out to be true. Be sincere.

2. Don't rush. Wait or the right moment. Work he'll stop, keep moving ... but don't run too fast. You all need time. Algumas phrases What a break or gelo, some questions, some laughs, later um olhar, maistarde ... TEMPO.

3. Ria, unfold or seu SENSE OF HUMOROr my love needs a sense of humor ... Not something rational. Sorria, laugh, stop as things happen ... It is necessary to start playing (you never know how it ends, attention!). Conquer the trust of the people who are vocêgosta. Especially it is ainda não aconhece muito bem (See benefits of laugh)

4. You want to conquer a pessoa, do not fail on yourself. Seinteresse pela pessoa. Try to know things (not deep) about her. Verifiquetudo or that he could, face how the fault of himself, of his tastes, his opinions ... When he asks a question, have another prepared ... Façaper interesting, intelligent questions ... Do not lower. Be confident.

5. Fale, get in touch. Every word you say, every answer, will be a barrier unless, and you will be a little more than the person you want to conquer. There are thousands of words in no dictionary, use! Gesture, ask, sorria ... move your lips, olhe, lift up sombrancelha, light more to head, COMMUNIQUE-SE!

6. It begins with inconsequential things ... Nãocaia na tentação das deep conversations. Try to fazer a pessoaque você gosta sorrir. Deixe or funny bat-papo, tente fazê-larir. How much more time is MELHOR!

7. Did you get fazera pessoa laugh muitas vezes, I was given a great step. This can be done in minutes, hours or days. Don't worry, every person has a tempo. It is moderately daring to perceive that a person is a numa boa.

8. Olhos nos olhos. Have some furtive olhares and brief enquanto conversam ouriem. Notice that you are receptive to these olhares - you are entering another phase.

9. Or first physical contact must happen naturally, spontaneous, enquanto a pessoa that you goste esteja surrender. Não deixe para depois. It must be quick and brief. Um toque na mão, no braço ... Or that it seems more opportune not moment ... And I deixe pass a tempo before tentaro second.

10.Você já passou pela stage more difficult. Be chegou atéaqui being sincere, having fun-communicating and communicating with problems, you are prepared to seduce. Follow your intuition. You have enough information to not give a false pass. Have the ability to render each cell, each pore gives the weight that it takes. Parabéns, and follow in front! You will perceive that you will be able to communicate with me if you have a unique word !!!!

Nosescreva It contains your techniques and tricks to park, I will conquer seduction. As we will publish em:
Conselhos para paquerar

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