New cheap Ryanair flights to Dublin and Shannon

New cheap Ryanair flights to Dublin and Shannon

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According to an article published this month on, Ryanair has announced a series of new flights from Ireland that will begin in the spring.

In March, the airline will start flying between Shannon to Alicante, and between Dublin and Palma, Santander and Zadar (Croatia).

The new services will bring Ryanair's number of routes from Dublin to 83, and from Shannon to 31, consolidating its position as Ireland's leading airline.

A new route linking Shannon to Dublin will also begin in two weeks, allowing passengers to avoid the heavy traffic on the N7 and M50.

To celebrate this launch, the airline will make 10,000 free tickets from Shannon to Dublin available to its customers (the lucky ones will only have to pay the fees). These tickets will be valid for travel in November, December and January.

In parallel, in order to celebrate the upcoming launch of its base in Belfast, Ryanair has put on offer 100,000 tickets from Belfast City Airport for 5 pounds (taxes included). These tickets are for travel from Belfast City to the East Midlands, London, Glasgow and Liverpool in November, December and January.

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