Nanowire transistors are faster than silicon transistors

Nanowire transistors are faster than silicon transistors

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20/06: Nanowire transistors are faster than silicon transistors

Researchers from Harvard University have shown that transistors with nanowires can be at least 4 times faster than conventional silicon devices. According to lead researcher and chemistry professor Charles Lieber, this could lead to cheap, high-performance, flexible electronic circuits for display devices and mobile phones. It could also save space and increase speed even more by allowing the memory, logic and detection layer to be assembled on the same chip.

Nanowires are considered a promising contender for use in future logic chips because of their extremely small size (about 10 nanometers wide) and because they can be made without complex lithography, says Peidong Yang, a professor of chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. Until now the performance of nanowire-based transistors has lagged far below other nanodevices, such as carbon nanotubes, and even conventional devices, but new research from Harvard suggests that nanowires have outperformed conventional transistors and are approximate those of nanotubes.


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