Girona telephone numbers

Girona telephone numbers

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Girona Telephone Numbers

We have selected someGirona city telephones, which will make your trip much easier.

Unexpected problems can arise during a trip, which you did not have; changes of plans and routes, in which you have to improvise; or simply need to have more information than one has ...

We think that these phones can be useful in any unexpected situation.
Telephone numbers of the Girona Information and Tourism Offices
Girona Main Tourist Office Telephone972 22 65 75
Phone Of. Tourist Information Fira deGirona972 419 100
Telephone Municipal Tourist Board Playa de Aro
972 81 71 79
Phone Of. of Tourism of Calella de Palafrugell972 611 820
Phone Of. of Tourism of Banyoles972 575 573
Phone Of. Tourism of Begur972 624 520
Phone Of. of Truismo by LLoret de Mar972 365 788
Phone Of. of Tourism of Blanes972 33 03 48
Telephone numbers of the Administrative Institutions of Girona

Girona Town Hall Telephone

010 / 972 419010
Girona Provincial Council972 185 000
PhoneGeneralitat Girona972 223 035
Girona Government Delegation Phone972 069 118
TelephoneConsumer Service OfficeGirona972 419 025
Girona Transport Telephones
Airport Telephone Girona Costa Brava902 404 704 /972 186 600
Telephone Company Urban Bus EMT Girona972 212 319
Telephone TaxisGirona972 22 23 22
GiroTaxis Girona Phone972 22 10 20
Telephone National Directorate of Traffic Girona900 123 505
Telephone Provincial Traffic Headquarters Girona

972 202 950

Girona Emergency Telephone Numbers
Emergency PhoneGirona112
Girona National Police Telephone091
Girona Police Phone092
Mossosd'Escuadra Girona Telephone088
GuardiaCivil Girona Phone062
Girona Civil Protection Phone935 209 318
CruzRoja Girona Phone972 222 222
Social Security and Emergency Telephone SAMUR Girona061
Telephone AmbulancesGirona972 410 010
Firefighters TelephoneGirona085
TelephoneVehicle Depot-CraneGirona972 246 155
PhoneHelp in Carretera Girona91 742 12 13
Girona Telephone900 12 35 05
Cancellation of Bank Cards
Telephone 4 B- VISA Electron - Master Card - VISA902114400 / 913626200
PhoneDinner's Club902401112
TelephoneServired (VISA-VISA Electron-MasterCard)902192100
PhoneAmerican Express902375637
TelephoneRed 6000915965335
Phone Madrid Box902246810
TelephoneEl Corte Inglés901122122

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