How to go fast through the airport

How to go fast through the airport

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Sometimes the time spent going through the airport makes flying an agonizing experience. By following these tips we can go through the airport much faster:

Before billing

  • Reserve a few spaced connections: Otherwise, we could miss the next flight due to a delay in the initial flight. In the case of small airports or domestic flights, 60 minutes may be sufficient.
  • Check in online: You can generally check in online up to 24 hours before your flight; It is convenient to do it as soon as possible to be able to choose the best seats. If we do not have easy access to a printer to print the boarding pass, we can collect it later at the airport. And sometimes a barcode received on our smartphone is enough.
  • Choose your seat well: Checking in online generally allows us to choose or change seats. We can keep SeatGuru open in another browser tab to see which are the best and worst seats. The closer we sit to the front of the plane, the sooner we'll get to the airport at our destination.
  • Carry only hand luggage: We will have to carry the luggage, but we will save the queue to check in the suitcase and the waiting time to pick it up at the destination airport.
  • In checked bags: pack liquids. If we finally need to check a suitcase, it is best to put all liquids and toiletries in the checked luggage. Not carrying liquids in hand luggage increases the chances of passing the security control faster.
  • In hand luggage: pack liquids and keep them on hand. It is always best to put containers of liquids in a bag in case they spill. In hand luggage, put them all in a bag and leave it on the top of the suitcase (so that they are handy during the security check).
  • Wear suitable footwear: Footwear that is easy to remove will make it easier to pass through the security checkpoint. It will also be more comfortable on long flights.
  • Do not wear a belt and keep your pockets empty: The fewer things we have to take off and put back on when leaving our belongings on the security conveyor belt, the sooner we will pass the control.
  • Bring a pen: You never know when we will need a pencil. In international trips, we will need one to fill out the departure / arrival cards, among other things; so we will not have to wait for another traveler to finish and leave us his.

Arriving at the airport

  • Have your passport handy: Ideally, carry your passport and boarding pass in a small bag around your neck from the moment of check-in until you pass customs and immigration control at the destination airport, since they will be requested a few times throughout the process. .
  • Use automatic billing machines: Print your boarding pass at one of the self-service machines to avoid the queue at the check-in counters. This is especially useful if we are traveling with hand luggage only.
  • Billing queue options: If we have to check in luggage, we can print the boarding pass at one of the self-service machines and go to the baggage claim queue, which is usually shorter and moves faster.
  • Go directly to the security control: No lingering between check-in and security check. If there are any problems or delays, it is better to go with plenty of time to avoid missing the flight.

At security checks

  • Get behind business passengers: Business travelers often travel frequently and know not only how to choose the fast queues, but also how to get through them quickly.
  • Choose rows with only one agent: When there are two agents on the x-ray monitor, one is usually learning, which means that the tail will move more slowly.
  • Have all ready: Pack all electronic devices (laptops, electronic readers, etc.), so that they can be removed and placed in the security trays. Do the same with liquids (as explained before). You also have to remove scarves, jackets, belts, the contents of your pockets and, often, your shoes (Tip: put everything in your pockets in your jacket to reduce the number of things you have to manage).

When landing

If we have applied the above tips, we will be (almost) the first to get off the plane with the passport in hand and the forms covered to clear customs and immigration controls quickly. And if we only travel with hand luggage, we will not have to waste time waiting for the suitcase.

Additional tips

  • Know where we are going: It is advisable to have a reserved accommodation and some idea of ​​how to get there. If we plan to go to the city to find accommodation, it is better to do an online search at the airport, to find out the best way to get where we are going. Getting stuck in the information or ticket reservation queues will delay our departure from the airport.
  • Book transportation in advance: If we are going to rent a car, go to the rental desk with the reservation confirmation number that we have previously made online. Bus and train tickets can often also be booked online; and sometimes the airport's self-service machines can be used to buy tickets quickly.


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