Dessert labels

Dessert labels

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Labels to decorate recipe books

I really like to cook and especially to cook desserts and although there are more and more applications and websites where you can save (online) the recipes you like, I still have the habit of writing down my favorite recipes in a notebook and I keep them like a precious treasure.

I have to buy a new notebook and I really like craft notebooks (the brown paper ones) so I thought of making some labels to organize the recipes and have a notebook for the cookie recipes, another for the cakes and another for the cupcakes or muffins. To decorate the recipe books I have prepared these labels with illustrations of desserts and how I know that there are many of you who also have the habit of writing down your recipes in notebooks or cards, you can download them and use them however you like 🙂

You can print it on cut and paste plain paper or print on sticky paper.

To print the labels you can click on the image or on the following link:

  • Download printable dessert labels

  • Download dessert labels to print without letters (so you can write your texts)

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