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People with powers

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Since Alexis Carrel in his "Incognita del hombre" wrote confirming the existence of people with telepathic powers, people with special powers began to have a leading role in research and science tried to approach such phenomena. But it is worth considering whether the Internet can be a means to identify such people and to promote research and studies that reveal some of the keys and mysteries that lie behind these powers.

The first forum for people with special powers

A year ago, a sociology researcher opened an internet forum with the intention of identifying these types of people. It was based on the hypothesis that anyone with any special power would go on the Internet and look for information on the subject. The possibility of identifying interesting cases was being considered.

As anticipated, the forum has the most diverse participations. Some leave their emails wanting to know more about their powers.

In just one year, curious cases have been added that range from the topics: seeing the future, the past, moving small objects with the mind, creating illusions, running very fast, seeing through certain objects and materials, setting objects on fire just by touching them or look at them, see spirits, etc.

Will a community of people with special powers ever be created over the Internet?

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