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Cultivation for self-consumption

Cultivation for self-consumption

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Yes, those lost flavors of childhood. Occasionally I have met them again in a rural area, but difficult, difficult to find them ... Why not recover the cultivation of self-consumption?

Take the fruit and vegetables from the "bushes"

It seems like it was yesterday and more than 40 years have passed. A tahulla of land (1,110 m2) in the dryland area of ​​Murcia, supplied us with excellent products throughout the summer: tomatoes, onions, aubergines, ball peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, water melons (watermelons), year melons (They were called that because they could be kept for a year)… Watermelons and melons that were “refrigerated” in the wells, placing them in a bucket in the fresh water of the well and whose flavor left an indelible mark ..

Products freshly picked from the bush (plant) and whose flavor was unmatched. Those peppers in the pan filled the entire house with a unique aroma. Those tomatoes that adorned salads, gazpachos, eggs just caught from the nest of the corral and that were fried with tomatoes ...

The downside was the large amount of water that was used to irrigate (flood irrigation) our rainfed “tahulla” with water that was taken from an artisan well only about 70 meters deep. I still remember my initiation in this art of irrigation. The water that came out of the raft at night and flowed through gaps until it reached the plots of the "summer tahulla" there each plot was flooded, leaving a peculiar perfume, a mixture of the grateful revived plants and the wet earth itself.

Grow today for self-consumption in the field

Since then, technology has made things much easier. To begin with, the waste of water that occurred with flood irrigation has been greatly overcome through the new irrigation systems. Today it is a custom that deserves to be recovered by the urban people who colonize rural areas. It would be an authentic way of understanding the important dimension of human activity in contact with nature that we have continued for centuries and have lost in a few decades.

There are many attractions in these tasks. Regaining organic farming, trying to get hold of some native seeds not contaminated with the crops of the last 30 years, working the land a little every day: removing weeds, watching the plants and fruits grow… These are simple things that are really worth it. . I am excited to think that my children will one day have the privilege of trying one of those authentic flavors, such as the sweetness of watermelon that does not in the least evoke those of today.

Anyway, something else to add to the fruit trees of the house, which I referred to in the previous post.

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