Meaning of name Abraham

Meaning of name Abraham

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History and the Saint

Saint Abraham, patriarch. His story is told in the Old Testament book of genesis, he is the father of the Hebrews and God founded the true religion through Abraham.

Abram, was born in Ur, Chaldea; He was the son of Tare (descendant of Shem) and marries his sister by the same father Sara.Abram and Sara go to Canaan with Lot, before the divine promise that a great nation would make, they settle and live as nomads.

God promised Abram a male child from his wife and they confirmed promises and covenant. By performing circumcision, he became Abraham and his wife Sarah. Abraham has his first child with an Egyptian slave and calls him Ismael and then when he turns 100, Isaac is born, his only legitimate son.
God requires Abraham to sacrifice his firstborn as a test of faith, he fulfills his order and God allows the salvation of Isaac and renew promises. Abraham lived to be 175 years old according to legend.

Isaac, the legitimate son of Abraham, fathered two sons: Esau and Jacob; Jacob begot twelve patriarchs with them the people of Israel were formed. The Catholic Church remembers Abraham the Biblical Patriarch on March 12.

Variant of Abraham:

  • Abraham variants of Abram

Abraham in other languages

  • Catalan: Abraham,
  • French and English: Abraham,
  • Italian: Ibrahim.

Famous, historical personalities by the name of Abraham:

Abraham Lincoln, was born in Kentucky, USA in 1809, president of the United States of America between the years 1861 and 1865; achieved Union victory in the Civil War and abolished slavery.

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