My child has a rash, what should I do?

My child has a rash, what should I do?

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Most children will get a rash at some point.

Do you know how to recognize the main skin rashes that appear in children?

Not all have the same signs, nor the same treatment.

  • Hand, foot and mouth disease

Where? On the palms of the hands, on the soles of the feet, and / or in the mouth.

What is the rash like? Blisters

Pica? No, but it does hurt.

Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by the virus Coxsackie. The most important thing is to ensure good hydration since because of the blisters in the mouth, the child may have difficulty eating.

  • Chickenpox.

Where? It begins on the face and trunk, and can spread to the extremities.

What is the rash like? Starts out as bumps, but they are just formed small blisters in the upper part, they end up breaking and forming scabs. May cause fever.

Pica? If much.

Chickenpox is a common and mild viral illness in children. It is very contagious, is transmitted through contact with skin lesions, and secretions such as mucus or saliva of the person affected by the infection.

It usually lasts between a week and 10 days. The itchiness can be treated with diphenhydramine, cold compresses, or oatmeal baths.

  • Eczema.

Where?All over. Atopic eczema commonly occurs behind the knees or on the elbows, neck, eyes, and ears.

What is the rash like? The skin becomes red, dry, and cracked.

Pica? Yes.

  • Scarlet fever.

Where?It starts first on the neck and face, and then spreads to the chest, back and the rest of the body.

What is the rash like? I start out looking similar to a sunburn, with small, raised, itchy spots. Skin feels rough to the touch.

Pica? If much.

Scarlet fever is caused by strep infection. The child may also have sore throat, headache or fever.

The areas of the skin that present the rash turn white when pressed. On the sixth day of infection, the rash begins to subside, but the affected skin may begin to desquamate.

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  • Rubella.

Where? Pink spots first appear on the face and neck, and then spread to other parts of the body. Many spots can coalesce into patches of uniform color.

What is the rash like? They are flat, pinkish-red spots.

Pica? Slight itching or not itchy.

The patches on the skin are often accompanied by fever and swollen lymph nodes behind the ears and on the back of your neck.

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  • Measles.

Where? It is an irregular reddish rash that usually begins behind the ears, spreading to the head, neck, legs and finally to the rest of the body. Small white spots, called Koplik's spots, appear on the gums and on the inside of the cheeks.

What is the rash like?Reddish spots of irregular texture. When they disappear, the spots change to a brownish color.

Pica? Yes.

With measles, the child usually has cold-like symptoms, and a reddish rash appears after 3-7 days.Treatment consists of ensuring that the child gets enough rest, and giving paracetamol and fluids to lower the fever and improve discomfort.

  • Infectious erythema

Where is? It initially appears as a skin rash of red color on both cheeks that makes it look like the child has been given a slap. The rash then spreads to the trunk, arms, and legs. When it expands to the rest of the body with a reticular appearance.

What is the rash like? They are red or pinkish spots.

Pica? Sometimes.

Also know as Fifth illness or slap disease it is a generally mild viral disease.

It generally does not cause discomfort in the child, so it does not require any treatment. The rash will disappear within a few days.

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