Music on the Internet: P2P 2005

Music on the Internet: P2P 2005

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In an excellent article on online music, proclaims the winners and winners of this during 2005, the year in which music on the Internet has followed its trends, despite the efforts of the industry struggle.

The article proclaims the winners and losers of online music 2005.

Internet Music Winners 2005

Bittorrent - It is estimated that between 60% -90% of the bandwidth in the whole world is absorbed by this music file exchange protocol. It has also become a very popular method for Linux operating system distribution and licensed multimedia entertainment.

Apple Computers, Inc. - iPod has come to save Apple. After selling more than 30 million units, it has become synonymous with the term "MP3 Player." Various variants of the iPod; iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and the new iPod video, have helped go from a stock value of $ 34 in January to $ 74 by the end of the year.

LimeWire - Since Limewire was at the forefront of the development of Gnutella it has quickly become the masterpiece of the P2P programs. Although the Limewire network is estimated at more than two million connected users, the number is suspected that it could exceed 5 million.

Open Source P2P - About to end 2005, 4 of the 5 most important communities: - BitTorrent, eDoneky2000, Gnutella and Ares Galaxy - are “open source“.

In mid-September the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) sent approximately seven 'cease and desist' letters to various P2P commercial developers (Limewire, BearShare, MetaMachine (eDonkey), WinMX, and Ares Galaxy) are among those who were contacted. by the RIAA. As Enrique Dans says on his blog:

"Open P2P protocols have been clear winners against
owners: in the seconds there was something, an entity behind, to harass and
chase, and that when it was closed it ended the life of the protocol. In the
the former, on the other hand, closing or dismantling the creator produces nothing more than
a wave of new versions that continue in its wake. So while BearShare,
MetaMachine (eDonkey) or WinMX closed, we have Limewire, eMule or BitTorrent continue in good health "

ThePirateBay - With 836,879 registered users, 2,451,086 peers and 113,419 referenced files, has become the most popular reference site for searching torrent files.

Of the losers, about to enter 2006, it is better not to speak. But you can see them in the original article:

Source:, File-Sharing Winners and Losers of 2005

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