Effects of nanotechnology on health and the environment

Effects of nanotechnology on health and the environment

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09/11: NSF awards $ 12 million to Rice University to study health and environmental effects of nanotechnology

The NSF (National Science Foundation) has expanded funding for the Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology (CBEN) at Rice University with a 5-year, $ 12 million renewal. This renewal guarantees the continuation of CBEN's programs until 2011.

CBEN was the world's first academic research center dedicated to the study of the interaction between nanomaterials and living organisms and ecosystems. It received a five-year grant in 2001 and has been declared eligible for a five-year extension.
"In the first five years, CBEN developed novel research in nanomedicine, nanobiotechnology, nanotoxicology, and nanoscale methods for environmental recovery," said CBEN Director and Chemistry Professor Vicki Colvin. "CBEN has played an active role. informing the public, legislators and industry about the possible unintended consequences of nanotechnology on the environment. With these new funds, we intend to make even more important progress ”.


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