Phrases of love and friendship

Phrases of love and friendship

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Because we all have a dear love or friend, whom we value and respect. These are phrases of love and friendship.


  • A friend is one who knows everything about you and still loves you. (Elbert Hubbard)
  • Friendship is more difficult and rarer than love. (Alberto Moravia)
  • He who seeks friends without defects is left without friends. (Turkish proverb)
  • True friendship is like phosphorescence, it glows best when everything has gone dark. (Rabindranath Tagore)
  • Friendship doubles the joys and divides the anguish in half. (Sir Francis Bacon)
  • Friendley no end. (Publio Siro)
  • The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that you can never have them. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
  • There is no love, but proofs of love, and the proof of love for the one we love is to let him live freely. (Unknown author)
  • You will not know all that I am worth until I can be with you all that I am. (Gregorio Marañon)
  • The friend has to be like money, that before needing it, one knows its value. (Socrates)
  • Our friendship does not depend on things like space and time. (Richard Bach)
  • All problems have the same root: fear, which disappears thanks to love; but love scares us. (Unknown author)
  • One friend in life is too much, two are too many; three are impossible. (Henry Brooks Adams)

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