Virgilio name meaning

Virgilio name meaning

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Virgil, masculine name derived from Latin "Vergilius or Virgilius", probably of Etruscan origin; name of a Roman gens. Some authors relate it to"vergo"in relation to a star"bow, bend, or decline".

History and the Saint

Saint Virgil, Bishop of Salzburg. Virgilio was born in Ireland, during the year 738 he goes to fulfill his mission of evangelization to Bavaria, Germany. In the year 764 he was appointed Bishop of Salzburg, he founded the city's cathedral between the years 767-773. Patron of the bishops of Salzburg and Graz-Seckau.

His saint is celebrated on November 27.

OthersSantos Virgilio: Saint Virgil, bishop is celebrated on March 6.

Variant of Virgil

Virgil in other languages:

  • Catalan: Virgili.
  • French: Virgile.
  • English: Virgil.
  • Italian: Virgil.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Virgil

  • Virgil, was a Roman poet, author of Envida, considered a masterpiece of Latin literature.
  • Publio Virgilio Marón, was born in Andes, near Mantua in 70 BC. Writer, his influence on later writers was unprecedented.
  • Virgilio Tosta, was born in Guadarrama, Venezuela in 1922, prominent historian, among his books we highlight: "Caudillismo according to 11 Venezuelan authors"from 1954.

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