Dave Winer Team Blog Meetings Every Thursday

Dave Winer Team Blog Meetings Every Thursday

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Winer and his colleagues hold a weblog meeting every Thursday. Those interested in listening to future meetings can find more details here.

Winer quotes in today's Scripting News an interview with Mark Cuban, technologist and owner of the basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks. Cuban is still related to the world of new technologies and has his own blog. In the interview, he explains that he started his blog because he was tired of reading false information about himself and his activities (apparently he is a somewhat controversial character in the United States). He also talks about the usefulness of blogs for people in positions of high responsibility. This is interesting both for the internal communication of a company, as well as to offer information and news about the company abroad. The full text of the interview and the comments of the interviewer and readers can be found here.

Video: Podcasting As Part Of Your Business - Podcasters Roundtable 81 (July 2022).


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