Mariví Bilbao's horoscope: transgressor and pasota

Mariví Bilbao's horoscope: transgressor and pasota

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Mariví Bilbao whose full name isMaria Victoria Bilbao-Goyoaga Álvarez, is a Spanish actress, who despite her long career in the Basque Country, became famous nationally, thanks to her performance in the series There is no one living here and The one that is coming.
Films: The chocolate of the parrot, Maktub, NO controls, Trio of aces, El calentito, Carmen, Torremolinos, Marujas killers, The Community, Although you do not know it, Las Huellas erased, Pecata minute, Blind, Seven streets, Malena is a name tango, Passages, Jump into the void, Save yourself if you can, The sea is blue, The sale of paradise ...
Short films: The interrogation, Unusual beach, Agur Txomin, The First Time, Irrintzi, The second hand legend, Goodbye Toby goodbye, Mother's love, Terminal, Between us, We were few, Trio of Aces, Illumination, Basement, Sunset, Laia ...
Series: TOHere there is no one who lives, The one that is coming, Journalists, When leaving class, Turn off the light, Between two fires, The show of the 3, My esteemed victims.
AwardsHug Award in 1996 by Association of Basque Actors, Seller Award in 1997 by the newspaper El Mundo, Golden Lion Award of the Venice Film Festival for the short Delivery in 2007, Silver Biznaga Award for Best Actress at the Malaga Film Festival for the short The First Time in 2001, International Film Festival of Huesca Award for a Career in 2008, nominated to the TP de Oro 2004 as Best Actress, Best Actress Award from the Union of Actors Here there is no one who lives in 2004 and nominated in 2003, Best Actress Award of the Union of Actors for La que se avecina in 2012, Iris Award from the Spanish Television Academy of Sciences and Arts as Best Actress in 2005 for Here there is no one who lives,AISGE Silver Award for Best Actress at the Orense Film Festival for the shortThe First Time in 2002, Alicante Film Festival in 2008 Award for Best Actress for Childbirth, Zinemaldia Honorary Amalur Award in San Sebastian in 2008, Jubilee Award in 2008 for his Career… Nominated for the awards OSCAR in 2007 for the film We were few.

Date of birth ofMariví Bilbao: 01/22/1930 in Bilbao, Spain
Deceased in Bilbao: April 3, 2013 at age 83

Zodiac sign of Mariví BilbaoAquarium

The horoscope ofMariví Bilbao is Aquarius: Mariví Bilbao was lovely. She was a woman of principle. She was kind, affectionate, nervous, restless, with a great sense of humor… She had an open smile and a facility to empathize with incredible people. She was very nice and at the same time she was very fast and nervous, she had very clear ideas and expressed them emphatically. She was a woman of firm convictions. What could be said about it is that it was authentic. Aquarians are like that, what they do, they want to be independent from a very young age, because they know what they want to do.Mariví Bilbao He got into the theater from a very young age, behind the back of his family, who would not have accepted him. He began making montages with the group of Hispanic Culture of Bilbao. In fact he founded a theater company, Akelarre, in 1970 and her name was changed so that her father would not find out that she was an actress. He opened the phone book and saw Angela Valverde and it was fine. Knowing her for sure it was like that.

He made his film debut in 1962 making a short film, The interrogation and The Unusual Beach. In fact, his life has always been closely linked to short films, supporting directors and over the years, from there he went to film and then to television. Under her slim and short physique, a very strong and self-confident woman was hiding, who wanted to see the world, have new experiences and experience life.

Aquarians are an Air sign, which gives them ease of communication, it is the sign of intelligence, they enjoy sharing ideas, they reason their feelings, they are freedom of movement. They enjoy planning their future carefully. Aquarians in particular, are innovative, have great ideas and with their mentality, they are ahead of others. Mariví was always linked to the ETB (Basque regional television) making all kinds of collaborations and to 3 filmmakers: Juanma Ortuoste and Javier Rebollo at the beginning, and in his last stage with Daniel Calpalsoro.

Although she became famous with two television comic seriesThere is no one here who lives, the one that is comingMariví played the bad and tough roles very well. The truth is that she knew how to interpret and transmit emotions, she was very incisive and entertaining. She was a very complete actress, of an impressive human quality. He collaborated with social information and humanitarian aid campaigns. The Aquarius and Mariví with people, who when they have one thing clear, take action, with all the details perfectly analyzed. Aquarians are usually good demagogues and they know how to convince people of what they want. She had a great capacity for work, was very organized and knew how to combine the different aspects of her life without problem. But at the age of 82, that is a year ago, he decided to retire because the filming was tiring.

Her sympathy and popularity led to her being chosen in 2006 to be the proclaimer of the Semana Grande festivities in Bilbao, her hometown.

Aquarians are sentimentally faithful and tend to have very long relationships, because their feelings are very strong and long-lasting. When they have what they want, they are calm and no longer look for anything else. Also their friendship is for life. She, who was very joking, commented that she liked young men. The reality is that she was married twice. With her second husband, Javier Urquijo, she was an artist and art commentator. With him he had his only daughter Aurora. It was much commented, since he had them with 48 years. To know more about Aquarius see:Aquarius Features.

Compatibility ofMariví Bilbao with other signs:Mariví Bilbao as Aquariusit's compatible with: Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and with people of the same Aquarius sign. On the other handMariví Bilbao would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn. This does not mean that a relationship is impossible, only that both would have to try harder to overcome their differences. For more information see:Compatibility of the signs with Aquarius

Other details of interest aboutMariví Bilbao and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card of Mariví Bilbao would beTHE HERMITThey are thoughtful, lonely, experienced people. (See:Hermit's Letter)
  • The number of Mariví Bilbao is he 9, are generous, artistic and humane (See:Meaning of number 9, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope ofMariví Bilbao it isTHE SNAKE, they are wise, elegant, cunning, thoughtful ... (See: Letter from The Serpent's Wheel).
  • The color ofMariví Bilbao is henavy blue, orange, red.
  • The Element ofMariví Bilbao it is:Air.
  • The planet ofMariví Bilbao it isSaturn.
  • The stone ofMariví Bilbao it isDiamond.
  • The Twitter ofMariví Bilbao is: @SiempreMarivi ò @dep marivi bilbao

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