Research on the risks of nano-foods in the United Arab Emirates

Research on the risks of nano-foods in the United Arab Emirates

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Experts from the United Arab Emirates assess the risks of nanofoods

Nanotechnology can make food more palatable, give it a longer shelf life, or add more nutrients, but there are still concerns that it could damage DNA and pose certain health risks.

Experts from the United Arab Emirates recently met in the capital to discuss their concerns, as well as their plans to assess the potential risks and benefits that nanotechnology offers, through a nationwide research body. "We will endeavor to take advantage of new scientific advances in order to strengthen food safety in the country," said Ahmed Al Kulaib Taniji, Executive Director of the Division of Food Safety and Animal Health of the Abu Food Control Authority. Dhabi (ADFCA). "We will always keep our eyes and ears open to the slightest advance in these fields anywhere in the world."

Source: Khaleeg Times

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