Getaway to Avilés

Getaway to Avilés

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It had been more than twenty-five years since he went to Avilés. He only remembered the huge smoking dumps near the highway and the loaded and humid atmosphere in the city. Now, when you exit the highway, a road leads you to the center of a clean and modern city.

We left the car for him Las Meanas Park, very close to the commercial area and we walk towards the old part following first Cuba street and then, in front of the church of Sto. Thomas of Canterbury, House Street. The Plaza de los Hermanos Orbón with its beautiful viewpoints and the modern market in its center was the first example we saw of a well-kept neighborhood, mostly pedestrianized and preserving the charm of its arcaded streets.

At the moment of arrival to the Town Hall Square We went down a bit towards the Avilés estuary to see the Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center, designed as a model of urban regeneration by the famous Brazilian architect linked to Asturias as a result of having been awarded the Prince of Asturias Award in 1989. Inaugurated in March of this year, It is becoming by leaps and bounds in the cultural tourist reference of the city. It is located on the other side of the estuary and the modernity of its structures and the color and shape of the access walkways to the Center still contrasts with the tracks and cables of the railway that runs along the bank of the estuary closest to the city center. , as well as with some chimneys, on the other side, that recall the marked industrial character that Avilés once had.


After admiring the facade of the Palacio Valdés theater After walking for a while under the arcades of Calle Rivero, we returned to Plaza de España to look for a restaurant located behind the Town Hall that our good friend José Luis had recommended to us. Casa Alvarín, it's called. And I have to say that we ate divinely. Beans with clams, very fresh fish and wines to choose from among three hundred references from its extensive menu. To digest, nothing better than a walk along Ferreira street to the Franciscan church and then through the Sabugo neighborhood, an old fishing district that preserves in its arcaded streets an air of an old neighborhood with a nightlife due to its bars and tascas, until you reach the old Romanesque church of Sabugo in the Plaza del Carbayo.

We leave for the end a tour of Galiana Street. Porticoed street, from the 17th century, famous not only for having two different types of pavement under the porticoes, one for pedestrians and the other for carts and animals, but also for the festive descents that a series of unique vehicles carry out during carnival. a sea of ​​foam placed for this purpose on the pavement. The street is dotted with noble buildings and also a large number of more modern restaurants and pubs that make it one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.

As I went down to the City Hall on Calle de San Francisco, I was struck by a arabic craft market which paradoxically was located under a large portrait of the Pope hanging in the tower of the church of San Nicolás de Bari. I bought some sweets and we went in search of the car since it was late in the afternoon and we had to end our trip to Avilés.

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