9 simple tricks for a perfect makeup

9 simple tricks for a perfect makeup

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1. To apply the makeup you have 2 options. If you want a more pure and dense effect, apply the foundation with your fingers, if you want a polished effect, use a special makeup brush.

2. Apply powders right in the T zone, to eliminate glare.

3. If you use bronzing powder For the face, remember both the neck and the cleavage to match the color. Nobody has a different color from face to neckline, remember this.

4. To apply the rouge, put each of fish. And move away from there, from the round part of the cheek to the upper part of the ear, and then down the jaw line.

5. You never have to put concealer or make-up base on the mobile eyelids, since with the movement of the eye, some unflattering lines will remain.

6. Apply to the eyelid up to the eyebrow one powder foundation shadow, without shine, the lightest tone of your skin. This way, the darker shadows you include later will blend in better.

7. Mark the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil the same color or a little darker. You will raise the expression of the eyes.

8. If you want lips that, no matter how long the hours go by, the color remains intact, paint them with the profiler before using carmine. The liner, obviously, must be the same color. I promise you that you will keep the color for hours, and hours, and hours ...
(Avoid the lipstick on your teeth)

9. Apply mascara from the root of the eyelashes to the tips, making small movements with the hand, to cover all of them well. Use the eyelash curler to perfect
(4 tricks to curl your eyelashes well)