5 activities you should not do if you are pregnant

5 activities you should not do if you are pregnant

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What activities should be avoided during pregnancy?

Going on a roller coaster, playing rugby, diving or horseback riding are some of the activities to avoid if you are expecting a baby

We know that doing some physical exercise is beneficial for both mother and baby.

But it's important to use common sense, and if an activity seems dangerous to you, avoid it.

You can enjoy most activities without putting your baby at risk.

Although there are some activities that you should avoid this summer if you are pregnant.

1. Roller coasters and thrill rides

Amusement parks are very popular vacation destinations during the summer.

While there are some attractions that are not dangerous during pregnancy, you should avoid roller coasters and all the attractions they have quick and jerky movements, with sudden starts and stops as they can be potentially dangerous for the baby.

2. Contact sports

Running, cycling, and swimming are activities that are beneficial to both mother and baby, but physical contact sports can be dangerous for the baby and should be avoided.

He soccer, heHockey or thebasketball they are contact sports that can cause injuries, so they should be avoided during pregnancy.

3. Riding a horse

Although with the arrival of good weather, horseback riding can be very appetizing, if you are pregnant you should avoid them.

Even the best Amazons can fall from time to time, and this can cause serious injury to the baby.

4. Saunas and Jacuzzis

While hot tubs and saunas are a great way to relax, the high temperatures they reach can be potentially dangerous and put a developing baby at risk.

5. Water sports

Swimming is beneficial for both mother and baby. But other water sports like diving or the water skiing, should be avoided during pregnancy.

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