Information Society in Spain

<strong>Information Society in Spain</strong>

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The information society is not something that can be reduced to a law, as some governments seem to assume. Although there are many aspects that require regulation such as electronic commerce, security ... Others such as the digital divide require a commitment and a more active government position. With this first document we begin a reflection demanded by Europeans.


The influence of the digital age in today's society surpasses any reference in the history of information. This is not just another consumer trend. Consumer voracities pose habits, the information society as well, but with broader repercussions. Perhaps its impact is reflected in the formation of a post-capitalist society that influences people in a very different way than mcdonalization.

Perhaps we should not analyze so much where it is going, the repercussions, the third wave, technology and its advances ... Without a doubt it comes to stay and find out how it has influenced is important, but to specify its own development capacity and its endogenous capacity to advance too.

It is possible to speak of one more aspect of consumerism, but its capacity to increase in all areas the attention to citizens, their rights and their obligations supported by powerful communication tools can and should be undertaken.

There are other societies in our days that are interspersed or superimposed: the media society, the entertainment, the television ... in a social galaxy that is increasingly complex in its structure, diagnosis and symptoms. The implications for our 21st century are significant. A computerized cybersociety or info xxi-type government plans, incapable of understanding the scope of this revolution and reducing their action to an agreed media publicity, are not enough.

Our children, the adolescents of today, already show us how it affects ... Some habits we like more others less. But if children receive it as a source of affluence, something is being done wrong. The information society must have as pillars broad reforms in education and in the educational methods themselves that a good part of the teachers are reluctant to assume. The contribution of globalization should bring with it real, easy and free access to the entire population of the planet.

Also for the democratic society begins a new era that affects and is affected beyond the predictions of liberal economists.

The information society in Spain

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