5 ways to connect and network with other entrepreneurs

5 ways to connect and network with other entrepreneurs

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Establishing connections and relating to other entrepreneurs can be extremely positive, as it allows us to exchange ideas and can even provide us with new perspectives that help our business grow.

These are 5 possible ways to do it:

1. Be active on Twitter

In general, we can use various social networks, but information and breaking news from all sectors are constantly published on Twitter in real time. Even the busiest entrepreneurs post on Twitter daily, allowing us capture the attention of certain people who in other contexts would be completely out of our reach. To connect with someone specific, we can analyze their responses and see if they regularly respond to tweets addressed to them, in which case, we already have a way to get closer.

2. Join a business organization

Being part of a business organization is great for meeting like-minded people. There are various organizations for all types of entrepreneurs, from new entrepreneurs to established entrepreneurs; and also specific to various sectors. We just have to find the most suitable for us. In addition to helping us make connections, these organizations provide additional benefits, such as advice and guidance, which can be invaluable at times.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help to make connections

Let's think, for a moment, about all the contacts we already have. In turn, they all have other contacts that could be beneficial to our business and the best way to reach them is usually simply to ask. We can ask our contacts if they know of someone who can advise us or be beneficial to our business in any way. And of course, do not forget to ask if there is someone among our contacts who wants to meet in turn.

4. Organize a local meeting

Local meetings are a good occasion to meet businessmen close to us. Unfortunately, they are rarely organized frequently, due to the time it takes to organize such an event. We can take the initiative and organize an informal meeting in a bar, notifying our friends and close contacts. An encounter of this type hardly requires organization. It's as simple as saying: "Hey, how about we meet on the last Thursday of each month at 9:00 p.m. at Bar X". Little by little the meeting will grow, as our friends tell their contacts about it. and, these, in turn, tell it to their own, etc. In no time we will have a successful monthly connection and networking meeting And since we have organized it ourselves, we will have a certain advantage, because most of the attendees will want to meet the person who has had that great idea and has put it into practice with such success.

5. Join a collaborative workspace or coworking

It is good to get out of our usual workspace from time to time. Working in different environments can help spark creativity and break a boring routine. There are people who go to a library or a cafeteria, but if what we want is to interact with other entrepreneurs and make contacts, the latest trend is coworking spaces, that is, workspaces shared with other professionals.

There are quite affordable and, without a doubt, it is cheaper than having your own office, but in addition to the economic benefits, there is the opportunity to work alongside a wide variety of people with different profiles, with which we will always find some time to chat and discuss our ideas. Again, that can help us look further and open up new perspectives on our business.

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