How to be your own boss

How to be your own boss

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I want to be my boss!

Starting a business gives you perspective and makes you own yourself. You will have your destiny in your own hands. Working for yourself won't always make you rich but it can make you so much happier.

“You were born an entrepreneur. The low probability of success, added to the constant emotional shocks, make starting a business a matter for a few. "

Reid hoffman, founder of LinkedIn.

Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, teacher, engineer, today you also need to consider yourself an entrepreneur who runs a single company:your own career.

5 actions that can lead you to develop your own career. To be your own boss.

1. Look for a business idea

100 ideas to start business on the Internet. This articleit will help you see business opportunities in the digital world.

2. Learn.

Learn as much as possible about the sector to which you are going to dedicate yourself.

3. Train yourself.

Enroll in the free UniMOOC Aemprende course. Created by and for entrepreneurs, with experts and speakers who have been successful on the Internet.

4. Get out of your house

Talk to people. Ask them what they need. Talk to merchants, businessmen, freelancers. Find out if the sector you want to dedicate to has any need to cover.

5. Be demanding

Remember to be your own boss and that you are not going to have anyone tell you what to do. Learn to be very demanding of yourself.

Are you your own boss? Are you thinking of being? Share your experience or your doubts in the comments.

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