Agreement between the BBC and Youtube

Agreement between the BBC and Youtube

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The BBC confirms an agreement with YouTube

According to an article published on March 2, 2007 on, the BBC has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with YouTube to offer clips and exclusive content from the BBC and BBC Worldwide on two different channels with its brand and a ad-supported news clip service on a third channel.
Pages branded BBC News and BBC Worldwide will operate with limited advertising, and ad-supported clips will not be viewable from the UK.

According to David Moody, Chief Strategy Officer at BBC Worldwide, this deal is no different from many that BBC World has had over the years with other websites like Yahoo!

The BBC-branded YouTube channel will feature excerpts from new shows and promotional material from series like Doctor Who and Life on Mars. Stars like David Tennant will record images on a daily basis in order to take audiences behind the scenes.
The BBC Worldwide channel will show excerpts from Top Gear, Spooks and the Catherine Tate Show, and documentaries such as those presented by David Attenborough.

Users will be able to comment on the videos, rate them, recommend them to their friends, and even post their own response videos. "It is an opportunity to show our programming, get feedback and even encourage users to visit other services such as BBC America or iPlayer," says Moody.

As for the type of advertising that will be shown among the contents, there is still no predetermined line. Initially, only standard banners will be displayed, and other types of advertising can be introduced later.

Source: Guardian Technology

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