Taurus September 2013

Taurus September 2013

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Taurus September 2013

Horoscope of the month of the sign of Taurus: September 2013

Best days for Taurus in September: 4,5,13,14,22,23
Most stressful days for Taurus in September: 9,10,15,22,29,30

Better days for him love
and Taurus
in September: 4,9,10,13,14,18,27,28

Better days for him money and Taurusin September: 1,5,19,24,25,26,27,28
Better days for him job and Taurus in September: 2,3,11,16,20,21,29,30

The month of September will be a month to enjoy everything in your life. Even if a problem appears, it will not take any effort to face it and fix it.

For Taurians, who want to get pregnant, this will be a fertile time just like last month. Although next year is when it will be very fertile all year long.

At work you will be very well oriented and from the 22nd, you will feel the need to work hard and be productive. For those who are looking for work, it will be a very lucky month for this. If you have family members with contacts, take advantage of them and use them. It will be fine.

It will be a month in which you will have to find harmony in yourself and the balance between all the aspects and issues that you will have to face. Everything will move at the same time and you will have to try to face it all and solve it. The better you do, the better you will do in the future. Don't put anything aside and don't stress. You have to be cold-blooded.

Your relationship will be tough and tested as usual. But this month love will be very important to you. Love and social life will be very active and will demand your full attention.

Economically it will undergo drastic changes between the 9th and the 29th, but it will go forward. Your family can help you.

Health is good. I will have full energy and will be able to cover everything. On days 10 and 11 you may have a specific health problem: sexual, ankles or knees. Take care.

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