Chinese horoscope: Pig or Boar 2020

Chinese horoscope: Pig or Boar 2020

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2018 Year of the Dog Earth Yang for Pig or Boar

The Earth Dog and the Pig or the Wild Boar together they can do wonders. They get along perfectly, they love each other, they understand each other and they are happy together. This year everything will flow for the Pig or Boar.

The year of the Earth Dog Yang begins on February 16, 2020 and ends on February 4, 2020.

  • Your number lucky: 9
  • Tu stone lucky: Topaz
  • Your color: sky blue or sky blue
  • your Fragrance: species, strong woody and exotic
  • Your flower: Red peonies
  • Your energy: Yin
  • Your Element: Land
  • Important parts of the body: brain, respiratory system, glandular system

Personally, everything will advance slowly but with a firm and sure step. You will reach your goals this year and others next year 2020. But whatever it may be, it will be a year in which you will walk in pursuit of safety and success, you will learn, you will gain experience, to be better prepared for the culmination of your goals. and goals.


In love, if you are in a couple you will feel happy, in love and everything will advance in harmony. If you are single, fate will put someone special in front of you, with whom you will fall in love and start a relationship, which aims to be long and happy.


Labor will be very good for you. You will be promoted and you will take a position of more responsibility, which will become a very favorable opportunity to gain more professional prestige. Take initiative and stay alert and active, to be able to take advantage of all the offers and opportunities that come your way. If you have to face a problem, do not panic, you will solve it quickly and after the first moment, you will understand that it was something that had to happen for the better.


You are going to have a salary increase you are going to have other inflows of money that do not come from your usual job and you are going to have opportunities to earn extra money. This year you won't be short of money. You are going to spend a lot on travel. You will want to do it and since you will have the money, you will travel a lot.


At home you will breathe the well-being and with money, you will use it to make works and beautify the house. You will have to be the one who controls the works and the expenses, since the expenses will pile up and will be out of budget. Well-being, happiness, satisfaction, pleasures, trips, meals ... You will feel very satisfied.

Social Life and Friends

You will do a lot of social life, You will go out a lot, you will travel with friends, you will receive people at home and you will feel happy to do it. You will share the luck with your friends and together you will live moments of happiness and satisfaction. You will participate in NGO's, you will help everyone you can.

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