Behavior of nanoparticles in wastewater

Behavior of nanoparticles in wastewater

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The environmental management of nanoparticle waste could be considerably improved after a new study of substances found in wastewater.

Researchers from various scientific institutions around the world collaborated on the report, which focused on the behavior of potentially harmful nanoparticles found in wastewater treatment plants.

His research focused on nanoparticles wrapped in silicon. During the course of their studies, they discovered that the introduction of a commercial surfactant to coat these particles allowed them to be separated from water along with other residual particles.

According to the scientists, if the nanoparticles can be "separated" in this way, then it is possible to prevent them from going to the next stage of the waste treatment process.

According to an article in the Environment Times, the UK government commissioned an investigation into the fate, behavior, toxicity and ecological effects of manufactured nanoparticles once they reach the environment.

Previous studies on nanoparticles found unexpectedly in the air indicate that there is a risk and that this should be further investigated.

Source: Environmental Technology

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