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76-1- PULLING THE KEY: it serves mainly to analyze ourselves internally and see at what moment of our spiritual life we ​​are.









Card position:

  1. Of which we are aware, but we keep repressed and we do not want it to be noticed.
  2. The passive of your personality, the feminine part: the Yin.
  3. The active part of your personality, the masculine part: the Yang.
  4. On what to meditate.
  5. Inner vision or how conscious we are about our body: what we are capable of seeing, about our body.
  6. Inner vision or how conscious we are about our heart: what we are capable of seeing, about our heart.
  7. Inner vision or how conscious we are about our being: what we are capable of seeing, about our way of being.
  8. Awareness.


  • We ask the question: How are we spiritually and inwardly?
  • We shuffle, cut, spread the cards and draw the 8 cards.
  • We place them in the order indicated in the drawing, in the order that they have come out.


  1. You have repressed admitting that you are unique, that you have values ​​that nobody has and that if you did not exist, others would miss them a lot, because you contribute a lot to others. You have to believe that you are special and irreplaceable.
  2. Has to cope with blockages that he has and that he knows it, to advance, improve, become independent, face everything that is blocking him, in order to become the complete person that he should be. But we see that this is in her feminine and passive part, so it is difficult for her to make the leap. With the help of Meditation it can be achieved.
  3. The asset of his personality and cash is that you see through the eyes of truth. You are able to see beyond what others show you or want to make you believe. You are above the obvious, when you open your eyes you see reality and you have to use this advantage that you have, to go ahead and not make mistakes in your decision making.
  4. You have to meditate on the point of view innocent that you show to life. You are able to forget everything and live life innocently and as if it started from scratch. Without grudges and with the illusion of someone who thinks that everything is good. You are actively like that and you should meditate because you are like that with everything you know.
  5. We are able to see that our body has been transforming and we have been changing, aging. But you have to know that through meditation you can suggest yourself and transform your body as you want. If you work every day in that sense, a day will come when you will realize that you have adopted the way you wanted. All up to you. Everything can transform and change if you work it.
  6. Your heart is brave. He is capable of being kind, even in a hostile environment. He is capable of helping others and of growing and developing to love, he is capable of sacrificing himself in order to get what he wants.
  7. The vision that we have about our being, our way of being is that we are a very complete person, who has managed to assimilate everything it contains and what has been acquired as knowledge and experiences throughout this life. You are the possessor of a global and particular concept of the world. You are very wise.
  8. The awareness What you must do in this life, is that you are alone before the Universe and you are part of it. It is not loneliness as a negative state of the person, if not the positive part. As a person and unique entity, you are so full that your overflowing presence fills the room in which you find yourself. You are the integral and full presence, who fill the Universe and have no need for anyone. You are on your own and you don't feel alone.

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