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Why is it so important to clean the Tarot cards?

  • It is necessary to clean the cards, because they are charging with the energies of your consultants and those that are in your house and it is about leaving them to zero energy. so they will only have their energies. They can be cleaned in 3 ways:
  • Pass a stone or a pendulum to demagnetizeIn other words, swing a pendulum over the cards with an amethyst or quartz, because it eliminates all negative energies. The deck is spread out and the pendulum swinging over them is passed. Amethyst transmutes negative energies into positive ones. The quartz cleans.
  • Leave them under the influence of the Moon a whole night. A night with a full moon or a last quarter moon. I spread them out on the mat face down and leave them like that. The next morning they are perfect. There are those who leave them all day and all night. The Moon absorbs negative energies and in that position they return to earth.
  • Clean them with candles and incense. The deck is spread out and a white candle is placed, a black one, a candle stick is lit sandalwood incense and a glass of salted water is placed next to the extended deck. The black candles absorb negative energies and the white candles clean. Sandalwood and salted water clean too.
  • In any of the 3 ways you can ask that the forces of the Universe, of the Moon ... (whatever you want depending on the rite you do) clean them. It is done as an internalization of the situation and one imagines the process. Then let it act and that's it.
    • A simple formula of invoke the Forces of the Universe It would be: You have to shower, dress in white, perfume yourself. Set up an altar in a quiet place in your house, when you know that no one is going to interrupt you and stand in front of it facing East.
      He says: "Forces of the Universe, I ask you with all humility, devotion and respect, in this hour of the Universal transmutation, so that you grant me your transfiguration in Eternal and Divine light. I wish that… (I wish) ”.
      Give thanks, cross yourself and stay in Meditation for a while visualizing your request, as it is being carried out, as taking it for granted.

How often is it necessary to clean the cards?

    • If they are not dedicated to it and use them to learn or to throw them to friends, that is little, they need to clean them from time to time. It will depend on the use they make of them.
    • If one day you throw them at someone who gives off a lot of negative energies, clean them when that person leaves. It is not good that your energies remain in your cards and at home.
    • Of course, if you are dedicated to this and have several daily consultations, you have to clean them every day, although I imagine that if you are professionals you already know it.

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