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6 things that make him crazy about you

6 things that make him crazy about you

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While it is true that the world is full of impressive women, and that not all of us can reach 1'70, have heart attack measurements and the face of Adriana Lima, we will have to find a place among the crowd, taking out what makes you special.

What do you think you have nothing that makes you different from the rest? Surely yes. By this I do not mean that you have a strange obsession and bring it to light, (in plan, I like to collect empty water bottles and I already have a million and ten ...) they will take you for crazy, not for someone special.

Here are 6 very simple things that will make them lose their minds over your bones.

1. Eat whatever you want
If there's one thing men hate, it's going to eat and having you watch him with your mouth shut, while he gobbles a hamburger like your head.
I'm not saying that you get obese, but that when you go to dinner with him, don't be prim, and if you want to have an ice cream with extra chocolate, do it, it will make you happy and he will like to see that you have no complexes.

2. Sing “loudly”
Sometimes they can call you heavy, but what is more fun than a person who expresses their feelings by singing? Sing in the shower, in the car, when going to bed, when getting up ...
Men like women who are happy, who have fun.

3. Laugh all the time
As I said in the previous point, there is nothing that a man likes more than a woman who laughs all the time. And if it's a loud laugh, laugh out loud, the better.
Humor is contagious, and they will always prefer to have a happy woman by their side.

4. Moderate the lower lip when you think
It is a gesture that they love, since you focus the attention on the mouth.
A word of caution: Don't do it too often, as he may not hold back his urge to kiss you ...

5. Blush easily
Although at first it seems an uncomfortable situation, feeling like a walking tomato, the fact that something produces a sensation so great as to make you blush, gives them the feeling that you are vulnerable, sensitive ... and they like it.

6. Be a geek about something
There is nothing cooler than sharing hobbies with the boy you like, and if those hobbies border on the absolute geekiness, you will have a lot of fun together.
Most men like the sagas, roll "Lord of the Rings" or "Star Trek", so I bet my neck that if he finds out that you are as or more Trekkie than him, he will want you from head to head. feet 10 times.

This is not a universal and absolute norm, but what is true is that perfection is not what makes a man fall in love, but the details that make you special.

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