What is the favorite travel destination of each horoscope?

What is the favorite travel destination of each horoscope?

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We are preparing and organizing our holidays, our trip. Some of us prefer beach, sun and hammock; other butt sports and disco at night; some of us are romantics; Others of us look for cultural trips in which to discover cities with their museums and secret corners; and the bravest, seek the adventure of discovering wild and dangerous countries.

Vacation destination by sign

What is the favorite destination of the Aries?

Aries love to travel and they like adventure. They like to discover different countries, but they also like to go to the Caribbean or the Seychelles and lie down in a hammock in a super hotel to relax and get a massage on the beach. They love Phuket, Bali, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China… Of course, after having spent 3 hours playing Golf or scuba diving. They always go to hotels with a gym or with the possibility of doing sports, next door. Without sport they are nobody. They are gourmets and their vacations will not be less.

Beaty limestone rock in Phuket, Thailand

What is the favorite destination of the Taurus?

Taurus likes to travel close to home. You don't want to spend too much money. Choose a hotel that is good but without going overboard, in your country. That's where money is spent is eating well. They are not adventurous at all. They are always safe. They go to a comfortable hotel by the sea or a spa, to rest in the mountains, sleep, eat and walk. Or they go on a cruise that takes them around the Mediterranean. Not too far from home and not too tired. They are comfortable even to travel. Possible destinations: Europe. They are not interested at all in Africa or adventure or the inhospitable. They are not attracted to sleeping anywhere and experiencing discomfort. International food. They are not attracted to eating fried insects.

Hotel Barrosa Park, Sancti Petri, Cádiz

What is the Gemini's favorite destination?

Geminis love dangerous adventure. What most appeals to him is taking his backpack or a not very full suitcase and going on a safari to Africa or New Zealand to Australia, to the Sahara desert ... To mingle with the indigenous tribes and see how they live, how they feed on the fruits from the forest or fish with their hands. They also love cultural trips, sifting through cities, museums, churches, and taking lots of photos. They blend into any landscape and experience it thoroughly. They are adventurers, they carry it in their soul.

Excursion in Quak, Timimoun desert, Algeria

What is the favorite destination of Cancerians?

Cancerians are vacation foodies. They want 5 ***** hotels, the best restaurants and go full of luxury, travel in 1st class. They do not mind spending money, because otherwise they prefer to stay in their magnificent summer house. They usually go to big cities like New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam or the Fiji Islands, to good luxury Resorts. The most of the most. They do not set out to discover new dishes. They are always on the safe side, international cuisine is what they like. Weird things, let others eat them.

Statue of Liberty, New York skyline

What is the favorite destination of the Leos?

Leos love to travel. They are capable of going anywhere: adventure, beach, cruises, safaris, desert, cities with history… But not in any way: from 4 **** up. For them, trips are the illusion of their lives. The 4 Continents attract him. Discover new countries, cities, museums, cuisines, cultures ... They are urbanites and adventurers, but with a minimum of comforts. Prefer, they prefer luxury hotels or Resorts, but if it is a little hotel lost on a beach or in a forest or in an Oasis, impeccable but authentic, with charm… Go! The important thing is to live the adventure and discover new things. Arrive and say: "What do you eat here and what are the customs?" She loves trying new dishes.

Sunset, Timimoun Sahara desert, Algeria

What is the favorite destination of Virgos?

Virgos like nature and cities. They will always choose for their vacations places in the mountains or in the field, where they can play sports. Hotels with gym, recreational activities around, but are not adventurous. They like more to organize a trip to London, Vienna or NY, with tickets to museums, musicals, theaters or to go to the opera, than to go to a desert to be warm and get on a camel. International food is his favorite.

Bigben, London

What is the Libras' favorite destination?

Libras like to go to 5 ***** Resorts with Spa, exclusive hotels, where it is more important to enjoy luxury than to discover new cultures or new countries. Above all, she wants Asian luxury, perfect beaches, parties, good restaurants, shopping and buying half a store ... She likes destinations such as: the Fiji Islands, the Caribbean, luxury cruises to anywhere, Miami, New York , travel through Europe at all plans, with organized visits, to the Royal Mansour Spa (Marrakech), to the Seychelles to the Maia Luxury Resort, to the best Italian spa ... Fantastic massages and treatments, to return relaxed and more beautiful if possible ...

Mamanuca, Fiji Islands

What is the favorite destination of the Scorpios?

Scorpio is attracted to comfortable, sporty trips. He prefers to be in a good hotel, with good sports facilities, a good Spa, a gym, to be able to spend the whole day between the beach, sports, light food by the sea. And then at night, go out to have fun and dine in a good restaurant. He prefers to be fixed in one place all the time, than to be moving and visiting cities. To travel, his favorite destinations would be: Japan, China, Indonesia.

Villa Real Resort, Gaze

What is the favorite destination of the Sagittarius?

Sagittarius likes adventure pure and simple, also the countryside, the mountains, the beach ... But above all traveling to inhospitable countries, where no one has ever arrived, to discover them. Their destinations are: Africa, a safari, the Sahara desert, Australia, New Zealand, the North Pole, India ... They don't mind traveling on a budget, they actually know how to improvise and even with a backpack, they adapt to any place . They will take the opportunity to do adventure sports, try typical and unknown dishes and mingle with people. They love photography.

Sahara desert 4 × 4 excursion

What is the favorite destination of Capricorns?

Capricorns like comfort and luxury. They have a hard time moving to go on vacation, but what they like is visit your country and Europe, rent a car and do cultural visits. The trips are organized, down to the smallest detail, but they like to go at their own pace and kick the cities or by car and visit all the monuments. They also like to eat well and go to 5 ***** hotels. They don't like to waste. They carry everything very well calculated.

La Tour Eiffel, Paris, France

What is the favorite destination of the Aquarians?

Aquarius likes tranquility, family, quiet places and also cultural trips. They prefer to go to a fixed place, correct and charming hotels, to be able to rest, play sports, read, eat well, go on excursions and get to know the environment. They like culture very much and will take the opportunity to make cultural visits. They also like to discover countries, better if they are European, North American, China, Japan ... To study old cultures. They are not adventurous at all.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Bali, Indonesia

What is the favorite destiny of the Pisces?

Pisces likes everything: mystical trips, crazy and wild trips with friends, Asian luxury trips, to get massages and treatments. Pisces has many facets and depending on where you are in your life, you will decide. Your imagination goes a long way. You will want to visit ancient Mayan civilizations and South American countries, Africa with its Savannah or its desert, Australia, USA, Japan ... You will spend your whole life traveling.

Wall of china, china

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