How to decorate and organize the children's room

How to decorate and organize the children's room

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7 tricks to tidy up children's rooms

Everything has its moment and this is to change your children's room. The day has come to tidy up the rooms and children's play areas. The key is to see everything from their perspective and get up to speed. Here are some tips for organizing children's rooms:

1. Watch from the children's position

Convenience is an important factor in getting someone to tidy up or pack things up: place low closet rods; Put your most used items on the lowest shelves and drawers. Place bins, boxes, decorative baskets in the corners, on the floor of the closet and at the foot of the bed.

2. Hide things under the bed

Use rectangular, flat and wheeled storage bins specially designed to store things under the bed. The cubes can be classified by type of toy. Young children can store their painting supplies in one of the buckets; the elderly can put the school books and notebooks. And so they can store in an easier and easier way.

3. Make order fun

Tidying up a room can be a chore even for adults. Imagine how the child may feel when thinking of collecting all his toys, his clothes and school supplies. Let the child get involved, allowing their own drawers and storage cubes to be labeled creatively and to their liking. We can also take some photos of the child and stick on the cubes and drawers. Another option is to paste a sample of its contents on the front of the drawer. If we are going to keep small toy soldiers in a drawer, we can stick a plastic bag on the front and insert a toy soldier in it as an example of the content. Plastic sheet protectors can be purchased, cut to size, and tape used to stick laminated labels to the storage bins. Putting a laundry basket under a children's basketball hoop will be more fun when you have to throw out the laundry.

4. Put shallow drawers

The deeper the drawer is, the more things children will keep in it. Some storage carts on wheels come with five or six slim drawers. You can put the trolley in the closet if necessary, or align several against a wall. Fill the deepest drawers with smaller organizers, such as small trays, cans, boxes, etc. Do not use lids for these mini organizers; Children have a harder time remembering what is in each container and often forget to put the lid back on each one. Use makeshift cardboard dividers to separate things inside the drawers.

5. Establish a color code

You can buy different colored storage cubes for different types of toys, sort the clothes on different colored hangers or use a different color for each child.

6. Hang your drawings

His collection of drawings made by him can be as important as our collection of purchased paintings to us. We can buy some cheap frames and hang your drawings grouped on a wall as an artistic composition. This will add a decorative and personal touch to the room. We can also put a cork board so that children can hang their medals and awards from sports or school competitions. You can put another cork for your photos. Or hang a rectangular fabric organizer made by us with upright pockets behind the door so you can put photos, birthday cards, postcards.

7. Establish rules of the game

Before playing another board game, pick up the previous one. Or that before each gift season like birthdays or Christmas, you have to choose a toy to donate to a charity and make a child who is out of luck happy. Another possible rule is that you cannot have anything in your room that does not have a place, so if a drawer is full and you want to store something new, you will have to throw away something old to make room for it.

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